C. Kalisperas

A website that reflects their work as architects. “Less is more.”

The case.

Constantinos Kalisperas architectural studio is an international practice based in Cyprus, working in the diverse field of architecture, urbanism and design.

The studio collaborated with Cultivate for redesigning sections of the website while maintaining certain design standards.

The approach.

Following specific design guidelines, Cultivate Digital developed the Design, Products showcase and Portfolio sections of the website. The use of minimal elements and principles played a key role in establishing a unique and attractive digital presence.

Furthermore, our team carried out a series of actions regarding SEO to achieve and ensure higher ranks in search engines results.

The impact.

Constantinos Kalisperas architectural studio’s website offers usability and visual impact. Well known for ”minimalism and purity” in their projects, their website reflects their work as architects. “Less is more.”

C. Kalisperas.


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