User experience design.

At Cultivate, User Experience Design is a discovery process of users’ goals, needs and behaviors. This process guides technology and design in every step we undertake, working together with our clients. The outcome drives customer loyalty and increases conversions.

Cultivate designs interfaces for websites and apps that focuses on enhancing user satisfaction. Our interfaces make complex things simple and help users complete their tasks in the easiest and quickest way possible. We apply rapid prototyping to test hypotheses and ongoing user testing before embarking on the design work.

Great user experiences are what drive business performance and marketing.

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Responsive design.

People interact online across a range of devices and screen sizes.  As a result, users expect that a websites’ layouts will change accordingly.

We create responsive websites, making sure each digital product is being reached in the most effective way possible. Taking into account touch navigation and user accessibility, our responsive designs ease consumers’ experiences and provide functional navigation.

we design and launch mobile apps for android and ios

Mobile apps.

Cultivate has broad experience building mobile applications that prioritize user experience and work seamlessly across devices. We design and develop mobile apps for IOS and Android, as well as new emerging technologies.

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