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Brands need to participate in social conversations to successfully engage with users. Cultivate helps brands to use social media to reinvent themselves by creating emotionally engaging content that shapes brand identity and connects them with the target audience.


The communication landscape is becoming increasingly decentralised with consumers interacting with brands through multiple touchpoints. The role of social media has become the focal point of all these interaction points. Cultivate helps brands to navigate through social conversations by cultivating their voice and driving meaningful social engagement with their target consumers.

Our team amplifies the reach of branded content using advanced advertising techniques and deploying focused groups of celebrities and influencer to boost awareness. We reach users and spark conversations by giving them real value and delivering entertaining and relevant content.

Social media have created an expectation among consumers that brands will engage them, forcing brands to become publishers of relevant and entertaining content.

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Our approach to social media strategy is about understanding social behaviour before focusing on social platforms. We get to know the brand, user’s needs and industry challenges, to identify ideas that bring people together, spark conversations and drive action. These social insights help us create clear and actionable plans which drive a holistic social marketing success and business results.

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Content production.

Creating great content is critical to engaging people and shaping brands, but it can be a challenge to produce content that is timely, relevant and compelling.

Our team shapes brands across social media by creating captivating stories. From stunning visuals, infographics, motions and interactive apps, we fuel the social media conversation with engaging content that people love to interact with.

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Social media management.

Cultivate helps clients to create online communities that engage with their brands in genuine and meaningful conversations. Our team manages content across core social media channels to stimulate engagement and generate trust on a daily basis.

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Influencer marketing.

Cultivate connects brands with the most relevant audience, through personalities they follow and admire. We work with our broad network of influencers to amplify branded messages on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat. From fashion icons and mummy bloggers, to sport trainers and food gurus, these influencers style, shoot and share branded content. This includes photos, demos, how-to videos, gifs and more.

Social advertising.

To extend the visibility of content and reach targeted audiences, we develop cost-effective social media advertising campaigns. We are experts in every major social platform like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat and with our advanced targeting tactics, we achieve clients’ goals, such as creating engagement, raising awareness, acquiring more fans or driving sales.

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