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Successful brands make life simple by offering what people want, when they want it, through functional and enjoyable experiences. By utilizing technology and design, Cultivate creates innovative digital experiences that sit at the intersection of users’ needs and business goals. This distinctive approach to strategy helps brands grow in a world oversaturated with communication messages which lack real creativity.

copy and visual content for building strong relationships with users

At Cultivate defining a clear digital strategy is the bedrock of any project we undertake. It gives us the direction and mandate we need to invent, innovate and re-imagine a brand’s digital world.

Each strategy  is designed around what a brand needs. Through a blend of face to face consultation, research and discovery, we look to create valuable insights that define strategy and tactics.

Any strategic phase is offers  the framework to measure results. Based on outcomes, out team gains valuable insights for improving performance and altering actions.

Companies that have successfully integrated digital strategy into their business DNA have produced innovative solutions to user needs and created a lasting positive impact to their brands.

Work with us.

How we do it.

Research audit.

We carry out an in-depth audit of a brand’s performance compared to competitors, focusing on content, communication,  target audiences and opportunities.

Digital strategy.

We follow our audit with a creative strategy that ties all the information we’ve gathered together. The scope of this strategy depends on the business aims and goals while we also set the specific actions and campaigns that will be produced.


We place a heavy emphasis on planning and insights to deliver the best outcome for each strategy. By working across different mediums – we explore, model and forecast every potential scenario for every campaign. So, whether it’s through social media, display advertising or search, we always use the most effective media at the best price in order to maximise ROI.

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