Digital brand building.

Cultivate combines classic brand strategy with digital expertise and user research to discover a brand’s true digital capability. This approach, allows us to go beyond conventional branding (determining a brand’s purpose, value and mission)  and define what a brand offers in digital for its target audience. We then turn this understanding into digital experiences where users and brands truly connect.

Brand and communications

Digital technologies are continually eclipsing the traditional broadcast-first media model and consumers are now more active than ever in their relationships with brands. In this digital economy, brands need to recognise their customers as users and not passive consumers of media. The new participatory environment also requires a different approach to the overall strategic brand development; one that orchestrates business requirements and capabilities, and user needs and expectations.

At the heart of this understanding, Cultivate has extended brand development’s fundamentals – vision, mission and beliefs – to include a brand’s capability – how the brand engages and empowers users. In this digital-first approach to brand strategy, we define what the brand says, does and outline how the user should interact with the brand across all channels.

Cultivate translates the brand’s capability into digital products, services, and campaigns that meet users’ increasingly high expectations and needs.

Brands must expand beyond conventional branding (determining their purpose, value and mission) to also define the capabilities they can deliver in the digital world.

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Digital brand experience.

Today, brands are the sum of customers’ experiences, composed of visual, tonal and behavioural brand components, many of which are shaped across digital.

We help businesses transform their brands into experiences that set them apart from the competition and propel their companies into a new phase of growth.

Visual ID.

We help clients build consistency and unification in all brand communications, by developing the brand’s manual, digital style guides and tone of voice guidelines.

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