7 proven ways to take advantage of remarketing.

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When you consider the level of competition in business these days, you’ll understand the urgency for business owners to take every step necessary to remain relevant to their customers. If you neglect to meet the needs of your clients, there’s every probability that you’ll lose them to a competitor that offers them a better deal.

Retargeting is a type of cookie centred technology which helps you monitor your audience across the internet; giving you an idea of what they want, what they’re doing, their interactions, their problems, and so on.

The big question however is, how do you maximise your retargeting campaign?

Below are seven ways through which marketers can take advantage of retargeting:

Generate awareness for your brand.

Retargeting campaigns can be used by marketers to generate brand awareness for their new products, services, businesses, or even their website. AlL it needs is for the marketers to design is an advert that will be available to everybody that visits your website. Alternatively, you can also display different versions of the advert and decide the most effective of the lot.

For instance: Asana made use of retargeting campaigns to generate awareness for their brand, bringing to light the advantages of using it, which include things like email less and achieve more, Teamwork without email, and so on, including an active call for action. Below is an example of how some of their ads are presented:

Campaigns to boost customer loyalty.

You can boost your customer loyalty and the rate of retention through retargeting. Some customers converted after visiting your website, which means they have an interest in what you’re offering and will have no qualms about converting again.

Studies show that businesses who retarget their existing customers can boost their rate of conversions up to 400%.

However, it doesn’t make sense to keep displaying the same product and services to your customers. Therefore, you should produce and test new creatives that can hold the attention of these customers even if you have to offer them incentives to stick with your brand.

For instance: This is an email from Ann Taylor and it attempts to retarget old customers using a special offer as well as a personal marketing message. Apart from luring back the customers, this also increases loyalty to the brand.

Up-selling/cross-selling sales campaigns.

Have you ever gone into a store to get a pair of jeans but ended up with three extra shirts because the store’s salesperson encouraged you to mix it up? This is exactly what retargeting and remarketing campaigns help you achieve.

You can use this type of campaign on your website visitors to help you understand their interests, which will equip you to recommend products or services which they might not ordinarily consider on their own.

For instance: This ecommerce website suggests certain products form it’s selection, using a ‘just for you’ section, based on the visitor’s browsing category. It uses personal touches to heighten the customer’s experience, thereby increasing the odds of conversion.

Campaigns to tackle cart abandonment.

A lot of ecommerce businesses have to deal with the challenge of abandonment of shopping cart, which is a very bad thing for conversions. A research has revealed that the reason why many shoppers abandon their shopping carts is twofold; first as a result of unplanned costs (delivery cost, taxes etc.), and second, because they’re having doubts about their purchases.

You can make use of the on-site and off-site retargeting campaigns on some other websites to jog their memory about their abandoned products. Also, if they have sign up with you, then you can send them an email to remind them of the abandoned product or a similar one. Through this, you can discover why they abandoned the purchase and the problems they encountered while shopping.

For instance: This is an email sent by Lily and Serena to remind the customer about the products they abandoned in the cart. The email states that the products will soon be out of stock so the customer needs to make a quick decision, thereby creating an air of urgency that can provide the little nudge needed to convert the customer.

Below is a good example of an on-site retargeting campaign whose target includes customers who abandon their carts at the point of exiting the website-  the eshop is offering a 5% discount to abandoning website visitors that can round up their order at that very point.

Evaluating time and duration.

The major marketing rules have remained sacrosanct – you cannot continue to disturb your prospective clients and customers with ads unceasingly.

Don’t forget to test the different times and durations involved when organising your retargeting campaign. When it comes down to it, there really is no single answer for everything, which means you’ll have to carry out an A/B test on different versions of the campaign to get an understanding of the of the time and duration of the ad that will grab the attention of your prospective clients.

Make your retargeting promotions personal.

As mentioned previously, the role of personalization in retargeting campaigns can never be over emphasized. A survey carried out by both Adobe and Econsultancy, revealed that 52% of marketers are of the view that personalization is very essential when strategizing for online marketing. You can also run retargeting campaigns with a personal touch by capturing on-site behaviour, browser history, user preferences, and any other personal information.

Divide your preferred audience according to location, gender, device, and any other characteristic that can help you better understand them.

Design pages for custom landing.

If you decide to use a campaign to retarget your prospective clients and customers alike, it is imperative for you to make sure that they’re redirected to a page that embraces an identical marketing message.

Design a custom landing page for every campaign you organize for every section of your target audience. Ensure that their marketing messages are the same. You can maintain consistency in holding the interest of the customer by using the same language, and keywords that are used on your retargeting ad. This helps to enhance the rate of conversion.

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